Ed Hunt

Ed makes exceptional handmade knives in his workshop in Frome, Somerset using locally-sourced materials where possible, and high carbon stain resistant steel.

A convert to the trade, he started making his own knives about seven years ago when a much-loved knife he’d had for many years broke, and he attempted to create something to replace it.

Making knives became a passion for Ed as he experimented with different blades and different materials and he’s now one of the most highly regarded blade smiths in the UK.

– Who else is joining us for Kitchen on the Edge of the World –

At the moment we are closed and hunkering down until the current pandemic blows over.

Living here on the edge of the world we’re both far-removed and uniquely vulnerable to such a situation and we deeply respect the Norwegian authorities’ recommendations to make Lofoten 100% safe again.

If you are unable to join us over the next few months we will honour your booking for 12 months from the date we re-open. We look forward to welcoming you at a brighter, less uncertain time.

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