Gunvor Tangrand

Gunvor Tangrand is a local ceramic artist and responsible for equipping our restaurant with its truly unique tableware.

Gunvor grew up in her mother’s pottery workshop, learning the trade from scratch, dreaming of her own magic ceramics factory where she would turn the chemistry of pottery into the alchemy of art.

After graduating from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 2001 she has always had a piece of clay in her hand, either working on her own projects or teaching others about the ceramic arts. Equipped with a true artistic mind, Gunvor is always experimenting with materials, colours, shapes and methods. Heavily inspired by the nature around her, she frequently uses locally gathered clay,
sand and rock in her pieces.

At Holmen Lofoten, guests get to participate in the creative process; shaping that dull lump of clay into something beautiful before finishing the piece in a spectacular outdoor raku firing.

– Who else is joining us for Kitchen on the Edge of the World –

At the moment we are closed and hunkering down until the current pandemic blows over.

Living here on the edge of the world we’re both far-removed and uniquely vulnerable to such a situation and we deeply respect the Norwegian authorities’ recommendations to make Lofoten 100% safe again.

If you are unable to join us over the next few months we will honour your booking for 12 months from the date we re-open. We look forward to welcoming you at a brighter, less uncertain time.

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