Blackcurrants, or solbær in Norwegian, cassis in French, literally translates as ‘sun berry’ and is a late summer, foraged favourite at Holmen particularly for the leaves and also berries.

According to @nordgen blackcurrants have been cultivated in Northern Europe for more than 400 years. In the Nordic region it is native in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Growing in streamside and seaside thickets, riverbanks, scrub and wet forests with damp and fertile soils.

With a sweet, earthy flavour the blackcurrant leaves together with foraged sheep’s sorrel are currently used on our menu as a wrapping for delicious Halibut tartare topped with bleak roe as a snack.

The carafes of our table water are infused with various foraged botanicals, including blackcurrant leaves that provide deeply herbaceous taste to our pure, natural water.

The drinks menu also offers various alcohol-free and cocktail options that include this delicious Blackcurrant Leaf syrup, which is used for cocktails, soda syrup or as a cordial with chilled water for a refreshing drink.

2.5 litres water
2 litres roughly packed fresh black currant leaves, washed
13 g citric acid
250 g sugar

Place the leaves in a large stock pot.
Heat the water until boiling and then pour over the leaves before stirring through the citric acid.
Cover the pot and leave steep for 12 hours.
Strain and discard the leaves.
Stir through the sugar until dissolved.
Freeze if wishing to preserve for a longer period of time.

If minimal time for foraging and your natural environment, or lack thereof, prohibits, come and experience this seasonal wild larder delight as part of Holmen’s unique, multi-sensory connection to our Lofoten Islands home.