The Norwegian Arctic cod population is one of the most well-managed fish stocks in the world, and the reason people were able to survive so far north.
Along with the storms, January in the Arctic Circle is also a time of reawakening and prosperity and we’re excited to share our emerging culinary adventures, restaurant and offerings ahead, welcoming you to our tiny, family run hotel and restaurant.
Today we’re sharing head chef Rich’s tasty sauerkraut recipe with beetroot and horseradish. Sauerkraut – or ‘surkål’ (literally meaning sour cabbage) as we call it in Norwegian – is the perfect pairing to many of the winter roasts we enjoy here.
Our plans for 2024 are ready to come alive and we look forward to welcoming you to our Arctic home. You can join us for guided hikes in the wild, eat in our seasonal restaurant and snuggle up in our new suites or traditional rorbu. To deliver these magical experiences we are looking for talented and enthusiastic people to work with us here on “the edge of the world”.
Julenek is an old Norwegian tradition of hanging a sheaf of grain for the birds during Christmas & in the spirit of Julebord, a recipe for our version of Ribbe.
Julebakst (Christmas baking) begins early in Norway, and has long traditions. “Brune Pinner” a much loved favourite.
We look forward to welcoming some wonderful speakers, artisans and makers for next year’s Kitchen On The Edge.
In the ever quickening pace towards Christmas and our Julebord menu, our current Autumn menus offer a taste of our fresh and preserved larder.
Make your own foraged Black Currant drink with this delicious recipe for a Blackcurrant Leaf syrup.
We are super excited to announce the guest chefs for Kitchen On The Edge next year.
We are looking for talented and enthusiastic people to join our family run hotel and restaurant here on ‘the edge of the world’.
Enten det er en luftig topptur på truger eller en rolig vandring i fjellheimen med bål og kaffe du er på utkikk etter, skreddersyr vi turen etter eget ønske.