Discover the rustic charm of a fisherman cabin at Holmen Lofoten

Imagine yourself in a fisherman cabin at Norway’s Artic Circle, under the Northern Lights. It’s not just any cabin – it’s a traditional cabin on the beautiful Lofoten Islands. Called Rorbu, Rorbuer in plural, this is more than just a place to rest your head. It’s like stepping back in time, into a Norwegian fisherman’s simple yet adventurous life. Let’s discover the rustic charm of a fisherman cabin in Lofoten together.

A tale of traditions

Centuries ago, fishermen from across Norway travelled to the Lofoten Islands every winter for fishing season. They needed safe, warm places to sleep. So, they built special cabins, known as ‘Rorbuer’. These cabins were simple, cosy, making their hard work easier.

Even today, these special cabins are built in the same authentic style. At Holmen Lofoten, fisherman cabin have been carefully renovated with deep respect for their roots and cultural history, perfectly balancing tradition and comfort. See our rooms (Suites, Rorbuer cabins, and rooms) and experience how history comes to life.

From fishermen to travellers

Over time, the fisherman cabins of Lofoten have welcomed a new kind of guest – travellers seeking Lofoten’s unique beauty and peace. Nowadays, these traditional cabins are comfortably equipped with modern amenities conveniently blended with rustic style. Although you’re sleeping in a piece of history, you’ll also have those little luxuries that make your stay perfect like cosy beds, clean bathrooms, and even entertainment systems.

This is your chance to live a new adventure. You might spend your days fishing, just like the fishermen did centuries ago. You might go on exciting hikes, eagle safaris, and explore the stunning environment. And when the day is done, you can relax with a lovely hot bath, watch your favourite shows or, if you signed up, experience our “Kitcheon on the edge of the world” culinary program. 

Picturesque views from your cabin door

One of the best things about the fisherman cabin at Lofoten is the view you can enjoy without even stepping a foot outside. You wake up to the Arctic waters, maybe with a seal lounging nearby. And a direct view of the Northern Lights dancing in the dark sky. These million-dollar views are yours to cherish for a lifetime.

view from suite in holmen lofoten

Book with us

If you want to experience the magic of waking up in a traditional fisherman’s cabin in the Lofoten Islands, Holmen Lofoten is waiting with a warm welcome. Your unique journey into the heart of Norwegian culture is just a call or an email away. To book or for any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us: +47 93 44 23 01 eller

Living in a fisherman’s cabin at Holmen Lofoten is like travelling back in time while enjoying the best modern luxuries. The view, the peace, the sense of history, and the pure joy of nature are priceless. Dive into the charm of a traditional fisherman’s cabin in Lofoten and create unforgettable memories.