Holmen Lofoten featured in Local Folk

We are proud to be part of and share our story in the Northern Norway issue of Local Folk, a design platform where you find stories about artists, designers and entrepreneurs from Norway:

‘When Ingunn Rasmussen was growing up, Holmen was, in her words, “really in the middle of nowhere.” With no bridges or roads from the mainland to the distant western end of the Lofoten archipelago—and only an infrequent ferry service—life had its challenges.

“You had to be as self-sufficient as possible. And that meant making do with whatever resources you had to hand.”

Now the founder and owner of Holmen Lofoten, a remote hotel and fine restaurant in the Arctic Circle, Ingunn was born into a family of 13 children. Her father was a fisherman, she tells me when we speak on the phone—just like most of the men in this part of Norway—while her mother was a seamstress and housewife. Together, Ingunn says, they would put whatever they could on the table, from hunting, fishing, or foraging.

“It was inevitably a locally-focused, sustainable way of life,” Ingunn tells me. “It had to be. You had to follow the shifting patterns of nature and the weather. This is how we grew up, by learning how to survive in—and to appreciate—the nature around us.”’

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