The BBC Food Programme: The Meaning of Cod

Fishing is in our bloodlines here in the Lofoten Islands. Years back, before technology took the helmet, fishermen would head out on the blustery Vestfjorden in traditional rowing boats, sometimes having to cross the legendary Maelstrom! Today, fishermen are still preparing their nets and vessels ahead of the Arctic Cod or *Skrei* season; although, in a slightly more comfortable oil-motorized-way. But how did the cod become such an important fish in the Lofoten Islands, and in so many different and diverse parts of Europe? Why would someone risk rowing through a maelstrom to catch their daily bread?

In search of the past, present and future of cod, our friend, journalist and broadcaster Dan Saladino traveled to the Holmen Lofoten isles, to find some answers.

You can find the whole piece in the link below.