At the tail end of 2019, while crisp autumn was turning to biting winter, we hosted writer Olivia Squire and photographer Johan Lolos of Suitcase Magazine at Holmen. Suitcase is a bible for special experiences, and leafed through by those who are passionate about travel, sustainability, and exploring the world and certainly a source we look to on the rare occasion we feel the desire to leave our isle at the tip of the Arctic Circle for other scenery… though we’re always drawn back here before long. 

Olivia’s story of her visit to Holmen starts with a schoolgirl eating a pear drop and finishes with an icy plunge into near-frozen waters, not a bad metaphor for a typical Kitchen On The Edge Of The World trip. 

Click here to read the full piece, and enjoy some of the stunning photographs that were captured. We never tire of seeing the same scenes in different pictures, it reminds us how no two moments are ever the same here.