We do things a little differently here. Holmen Lofoten is a remote collection of traditional, fisherman’s cabins on the shores of the Lofoten Islands. Recent renovations have transformed our cabins into cosy places to stay while preserving all of their original magic. We’ve also built some new rooms fusing traditional and modern methods and materials, to offer all the comforts you need in classic Scandinavian style. It’s a different kind of luxury, one that works in rhythm with nature and the landscape.


Sleep 2 or 4
2 double rooms
Shower room and sauna
Kitchenette and living space with wood fired stove
Luxuriousness, modern Nordic design with panoramic ocean views
From NOK 8250 including breakfast. (Min. 2 nights)


Sleep 5, 10 or 11
Traditional wooden bunk beds (small doubles)
Shower room
Living space with wood fired stove
Larger cabins have a loft space and second bathroom
The true Lofoten experience!
From NOK 6000 including breakfast. (Min. 3 nights)

During arduous winters, mirroring the journey of the Arctic cod, masses of hardy fishermen would migrate to the Lofoten islands. Fishermen’s cabins, known as rorbuer in Norwegian (rorbu in the singular), were the simple structures which housed the boat crews who worked, ate, rested, and lived together during the fishing season. Holmen Lofoten has undergone a meticulous restoration process, with a focus on maintaining the original structures and historical design. All cabins have a minimum 3 night stay.


Sleep 1 or 2
Double or twin
Shower room
Tea and coffee facilities
Compact rooms in a minimalist Scandinavian style, all with mountain or ocean views
From NOK 2990 including breakfast. (Min. 2 nights)