Best hotel in Lofoten: A unique culinary experience!

When you dream about visiting the Lofoten Islands, you likely imagine grand peaks, shimmering seas, and skies that stretch endlessly above. Nestled in the heart of this natural wonderland is Holmen Lofoten, considered by many as the best hotel in Lofoten. This is not just any hotel; it’s a magical place that offers a true fairy-tale experience.

Placed as #3 out of 15 best hotels in Lofoten, by Hand Picked Hotels, Holmen Lofoten stands out for its unique experience. Famously known for the culinary experience, meals prepared by world-known chefs using only local products. Enjoying these meals with dramatic Arctic scenery is a once in a lifetime experience, specially for the culinary enthusiasts (or better know foodies).  

“Wow, wow and wow, you have to come here. I was on a Norwegian ‘foodie’ escape and arrived at Holmen, after spending a few days in Trömso. I was booked on ‘The Kitchen On the Edge of The World’, an experience with well known Chefs from all over, doing a range of activities from hiking, winter cod fishing, screen printing and enjoying the expertise of some of the best culinary wizards, in the most unique of locations…”  Review taken from Tripadvisor

Why it’s considered one of the best hotels in Lofoten?

Holmen Lofoten

A Fairy-Tale setting

Holmen Lofoten is where the wild and wonderful meet incredible comfort. Set against the dramatic backdrop of rugged mountains and gleaming waters, it is like a hidden gem clinging to the craggy coastline. 

Suitcase Magazine describes it perfectly: 

“This is proper fairy-tale country… the weather is brutal, the living equally so.Yet amid the canine-toothed mountaintops and silvered seas hides Holmen – a hotel, yes, but also a giant pear drop clinging to the craggy coastline, a nugget of decadence against the howl of the wild.”

Comfort in the wild

What makes Holmen Lofoten stand out as the best hotel in Lofoten is how it blends luxury with the raw beauty of nature. 

“Wild and wonderful.. something between a restaurant with rooms, a luxury safari camp, and a boutique hotel.” Imagine staying in a place where the comfort of a plush bed meets the raw, natural beauty of the Arctic Circle. – The Telegraph

Holmen Lofoten is not just a hotel; it’s an adventure waiting to happen. 

Financial Times has described it as “An epic location.. a kind of eco-hotel hung on the edge of a fjord in Northern Norway looking out at a great mountain.” 

Every stay here is an invitation to explore Lofoten’s awe-inspiring landscapes, whether you’re hiking, fishing, or just gazing at the sky.

A Foodie’s delight

kitchen on the edge of the world, best hotel in Lofoten for culinary experience

Holmen Lofoten also offers a unique culinary experience called “Kitchen On The Edge Of The World”. 

According to Forbes, it is “a foodie experience which promises to take travelers ‘back to nature’ in this remote and enchanting destination.” 

The food is wonderful, but it’s only a part of the magic. Condé Nast Traveller says, “In short, it’s a feast but the food and drinks are only part of it. All the senses are engaged.” 

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Staying at Holmen Lofoten is not just about sights and tastes. It’s about experiencing nature in a way you never have before. Renowned chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall states, “It’s so exciting to be inside the Arctic Circle just when the short summer comes to a crescendo of bounty.. and a buzz to get outside with the guests for some amazing walking, fishing, and foraging. Holmen Lofoten is a very special place.” Every visit here promises memories that will stay with you forever.

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Perfect rooms for every visitor

Holmen Lofoten Hotel

At Holmen Lofoten, you can choose from a variety of rooms designed to offer the utmost comfort and stunning views. Whether you prefer a traditional Rorbuer cabin or a more modern suite, there’s something special waiting for you. Curious about the rooms? Visit here to explore the different options available.

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Holmen Lofoten offers more than just a room; it offers adventure, luxury, and a true escape into nature. So, if you’re looking for the best place to stay for a memorable trip to Lofoten, Holmen Lofoten is your perfect choice.