Kitchen On The Edge Of The World 2024


We are super excited to announce the guest chefs for Kitchen On The Edge next year. From fascinating fire techniques, Spanish flavours and gutsy French cuisine, to modern British and Norwegian cooking and of course a deep awareness of our food systems. All five chefs are such talents and we can’t wait to share our kitchen with them.

They join Valentine Warner and the Holmen Lofoten team in the kitchen. There’s also a magnificent crew of creatives and explorers joining us for these long weekend culinary adventures, soon to be announced.

LENNOX HASTIE 21 – 25 March

In March we welcome Firedoor chef Lennox Hastie to Holmen Lofoten for Kitchen On The Edge.

Lennox Hastie is fascinated by fire. He is the chef and owner of Firedoor in Sydney, Australia’s only fully wood fueled restaurant.
Born in the UK, Lennox spent his early career working at Michelin Star restaurants across Europe, before finding Etxebarri, a small Basque asador with a strong tradition of wood-fired grilling which gained prestige at the top of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

In 2015 he opened Firedoor, working instinctively with fire and with a strong focus on fish and vegetables. His unique approach has seen Lennox win a flurry of awards and he’s appeared on Netflix’s Chef’s Table and David Chang’s Ugly Delicious.

We are honoured that Lennox is making the long trip to Lofoten to join us.


We look forward to welcoming spanish chef José to Holmen Lofoten in May, when our island springs alive under the summer lights.

José Pizarro is often described as the Godfather of Spanish cooking in the UK. He has several restaurants in London and the south-east as well as the newly opened José by Pizarro in Abu Dhabi. He has written numerous cookbooks which have been translated into many languages around the world, is a regular face on television and has won countless prestigious awards.

José believes that tapas is for all and prides himself on taking traditional Spanish flavours and dishes and making them even better.

We can’t wait to see José’s menus for Kitchen On The Edge develop, using our local Lofoten produce.


We are honoured to welcome our first Norwegian chef, Heidi Bjerkan to Kitchen On The Edge in May 2024.

Heidi is the founder of Credo Restaurant in Trondheim. Growing up along the Trøndelag coast, she developed strong connections to the land and sea, which can be seen in her cooking. With many accolades to her name, a Michelin Star and the coveted green Michelin Star, she was also Head Chef for the Royal Family of Norway for eight years.

Heidi is passionate about raising awareness of our food systems, improving land use practices, and preserving the traditional food cultures of the Trøndelag region. For Heidi, the farmers are the heroes of our time, and it is their work that should shine above all others.

We can’t think of a better suited Norwegian chef as our first – for Kitchen On The Edge.

JIMMY ØIEN – 26 – 30 September

We’re delighted to let you know that Jimmy Øien will be joining us for Kitchen on the Edge in September.

Jimmy is the head chef and co-owner of ground-breaking Restaurant Rest in Oslo.

Rest’s philosophy and way of cooking is a rejection of modern consumerism. In today’s world, food waste raises grave moral and environmental issues.

At restaurant Rest, Jimmy and his team turn food waste into a fine dining experience. Their mantra is ‘waste not, want not’. Their ethos is based on using imperfect produce and items which would normally be discarded. Rest was awarded a Green Michelin Star in 2020.

Growing up on a farm in Mo i Rana in Nordland, Jimmy decided at an early age to become a chef. His hard work and passion as a chef put him on the Norwegian team that won Bocuse d ‘Or in 2015. He has since then received several awards, including the Michelin Young Chef, and the Ingrid Espelid Hovig Food Culture award.

We greatly look forward to Jimmy’s menus utilizing all parts of our local precious Lofoten produce.

HENRY HARRIS 3-7 October

In October we welcome great personality Henry Harris to Holmen Lofoten, amongst the golden colours of autumn.

Henry Harris is a highly acclaimed chef, restaurateur and food writer. He is chef and co owner of Bouchon Racine in London which opened in late 2022 to universal acclaim from all the major restaurant critics.

Henry began his career as an apprentice at Hilaire under Simon Hopkinson where he started his ascent to becoming Head Chef at a number of London’s most acclaimed restaurants, including Bibendum and Harvey Nichols’ Fifth Floor Restaurant. Henry opened his own restaurant Racine in 2002, which soon became a multi-award winning, London institution for serving gutsy French cuisine.

We are long term admirers of Henry’s cooking and can’t wait to see his take on our Arctic autumn produce.

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