Kitchen on the Edge of the World – Lofoten Islands: A serene arctic escape transcending time

A unique blend of rustic charm and modern luxury, Holmen Lofoten stands on the enchanting backdrop of Norway’s Lofoten Islands. Within the majestic beauty of the Arctic Circle, it invites guests into a peaceful, culturally rich experience that combines the traditional Rorbuer cabins and immersive nature activities. Its pinnacle of exclusivity lies in its renowned Kitchen on the Edge of the World event: a culinary journey unlike any other.

Set in a location that appears to be untouched by time, Holmen Lofoten is a sanctuary for those seeking tranquillity. Surrounded by towering cliffs and sea, it is nestled amongst the robust terrain, as picturesque as the landscape that cradles it. The cosy Fisherman cabins, manifest authentic Norwegian charm, carefully restored to afford vintage character mixed with modern comfort. Wrap yourself in the luxury of plush bedding, unwind under wooden beams, and stow away the world as you immerse in the sounds of a crackling fire.

Yet, it’s what awaits outside that truly mesmerize. Surrender to the dramatic beauty of the Lofoten experience, a mesmerizing mix of emerald seas, craggy mountain peaks, and vast open skies. Get a taste of authentic Lofoten life, with activities like fishing excursions on traditional boats, foraging for local produce, or hiking to breathe in the panoramic views. And for the creatively inclined, artist-led workshops promise to inspire, whether you’re working with local materials or capturing the landscapes with your brush.

Kitchen on the Edge of the World' at Holmen Lofoten

It’s around these experiences that the “Kitchen on the Edge of the World” culinary event weaves its beautiful narrative. Not just a dinner, this event transforms the Lofoten Islands into a culinary paradise, engaging all your senses through a flavorful exploration. The event occurs across 4 unforgettable nights, and each day unfolds in a series of extraordinary meals.

This exclusive experience is not something to be missed. 

What can you expect from the “Kitchen on the Edge of the World” experience?

From the moment you step foot in Holmen Lofoten, the anticipation of the event builds. Each day is packed with activities embracing Lofoten’s varying weather. Wander through the lush landscapes, picking ingredients fresh from the islands’ bounty, before returning to the heart of Holmen. Special guest chefs prepare mouthwatering courses from the day’s harvest, alongside hand-picked wines or crafted cocktails to complement the evening meal.

Our program includes accommodation for 4 nights (cabin, suite or room) with breakfast, lunch and dinner with min. 4-course dinners cooked by guest chefs. Cooking demonstrations, ocean fishing trips with local fishermen or boat trips to the outer edge of Lofoten islands. Locally-led hikes and cultural walks, picnics and bonfires.

As our 20 guests join together for every meal, they partake in a shared experience of well-planned dishes and enriching conversations, leading to connections far beyond the event. When the evening winds down, gathering around the fire with a good drink in hand and stories swirling around is an experience unparalleled in its warmth and camarity.

Moreover, it’s not only the guest chefs who prepare these vividly sumptuous meals. A variety of renowned chefs and artists lend their talents, allowing guests to interact closely with these individuals, learning valuable tips and fascinating insights from their shared knowledge and experiences.


21-25 March – Lennox Hastie (fully booked)

Valentine Warner (host)

Bill Amberg (leathercraft)

Bron Taylor (conservation)

2-6 May – José Pizarro

Lee John Phillips (wood carving)

Jemma Lewis (paper marbling)

9-13 May – Heidi Bjerkan 

Lee John Phillips (wood carving)

Jemma Lewis (paper marbling)

26-30 Sept – Jimmy Øien 

Mark Lord (print making)

Alex Pole (metal work)

3-7 Oct – Henry Harris

Mark Lord (print making)

Alex Pole (metal work)

For those wishing to explore our accommodations before embarking on this adventure can browse our rooms.

The Kitchen on the Edge of the World at Holmen Lofoten is not just about the unique setting, the specially curated meals, or the remarkable activities—it’s about the total experience. It’s the perfect blend of calm and thrill, offering a peaceful retreat from the bustling world, with a dash of adventure to spark your spirit. It’s a genuine step back in time with all the comforts of the modern world, nestled right in the heart of Norway’s majestic Arctic Circle.

Immerse yourself in the pulsating heart of Lofoten and taste life on the edge of the world today! For all bookings and enquiries, please contact us at +47 934 42 301 or