Kitchen On The Edge Sept ’21

Delicious highballs, Smokey-Cokey and *Fairy Whisky.* It was an absolute pleasure to have whisky maestro and drinks writer Dave Broom join us for Kitchen On The Edge this September. You can read about Dave’s experience in The Whisky Manual.

“Into the fjord’s great maw. Cliffs like dragon teeth, streaming with rain, looking as if they had just risen from the waves. Lofoten gives you the sense of the world coming into being. Aspen and rowan, juniper and birch, bog myrtle and reindeer moss; flames of yellow, pink and scarlet, umber and green, vivid in the bright air. (..) The location is significant. The rapidly changing light, the intensity of the seasons and the extreme differences between them, the mountains, and the sea. Being on the west coast also matters. The fact that you are on the edge, not psychologically and nervously but physically. Out there is a sea of possibilities.” – Dave Broom