Road to the edge of the world

Making your way to the edge of the world is a journey for the intrepid: it’s never going to be a hop, skip and a jump. But whichever other corner of the planet you’re making your way from, we hope you’ll agree as so many do when they arrive, that it was well worth the voyage. 

Visiting Holmen goes against the idea that “it’s not your final destination, but the journey that matters”. Because the destination is unforgettable. 

Here are some thoughts from Kitchen On The Edge Of The World co-founder and one of our previous guests chefs Nathan Outlaw on their trips to Holmen Lofoten. 

Val Warner —

“The journey to Holmen in itself is an indicator that you are headed somewhere truly special. Seated on the final flight, the twin propellers whirr as the wheels fold away high above the snowy mountains and glittering sea, and you can’t help but feel miles from it all.. free. 

Whatever the weather, the exuberance and joy that hits you on stepping into such freshness will soon flood your soul entirely as you are driven away from the tiny airport into the grandeur of the awesome scenery that awaits. The staff are pretty nice, too…”

Nathan Outlaw —

“The journey from Cornwall to Lofoten is a long one but it’s more than worth it. The scenery is stunning. The people lovely. The atmosphere magical. The whole experience is something that can only be described as breath-taking. 

Cooking in this remote venue is both challenging and exciting and those who are prepared to make the journey will be rewarded with a truly unique culinary experience. Each time I’ve been I come back energised and buzzing with ideas. It really is a place of dreams.”