Kitchen On The Edge is just around the corner and we wanted to share a lovely seasonal recipe from guest chef Hugh.
Nyt sommerkvelden i vår kulinariske oase helt ytterst i Lofoten, omringet av arktisk, vill og vakker natur.
If you ask him what he does here at Holmen, head chef Rich will grin and reply “I just make things hotter.” Of course, he’s being coy!
The journey to Holmen Lofoten can best be described by any traveler getting here. My journey to Holmen, as we see it is today, is somewhat different.
Calm, kind and warm, whether he meant to or not, Nathan Outlaw claimed a small spot in our hearts with his down-to-earth and gentle nature when he joined as a guest chef a while back.
The Norwegian Arctic cod population is one of the most well-managed fish stocks in the world, and the reason people were able to survive so far north.
Fisherman’s cabin – Rorbu – ‘ro’ (row) and ‘bu’ (live) were originally accommodation for travelling fishermen during the seasonal Arctic Cod fishing.
Valentine’s wonderful Salted Cod ‘Red and Green’ is a thrilling combination of Mexican Contramar style and Lofoten’s arctic elements.
If you’re one of those dreading the winter season and feel like it’s never going to end we’ve written down everything we could think of that makes this dark and cold time of year warm and bright.
Today we’re sharing head chef Rich’s tasty sauerkraut recipe with beetroot and horseradish. Sauerkraut – or ‘surkål’ (literally meaning sour cabbage) as we call it in Norwegian – is the perfect pairing to many of the winter roasts we enjoy here.
We’re currently drooling over chef’s ‘Aquavit Eccles Cake’, a perfect little treat to welcome friends and family to your home over the festive period. Why not make a batch yourself?
Sea Urchin – kråkebolle – are abundant in the Northeast Atlantic, and are often overlooked as a food source. The good news is that the urchin’s roe is a delicacy and can be eaten raw; straight from the ocean.