Monica Berg’s Autumnal Apple Gløgg

As the season is shifting it’s finally the time of year where we Norwegian’s cook up ‘Gløgg’ – meaning mulled or spiced wine. Warming, made with local fruit and with the kick of traditional aquavit, there’s nothing quite like cozying up or hunkering down with a glass (or two) of gløgg after a day out in the elements. We’ve been lucky enough to have world leading bartender Monica Berg show us her own special recipe during her visit at Holmen a while back.


For one glass you’ll need
15 ml Linie Aquavit*
15 ml St. Halvard Liqueur
100 ml Freshly squeezed apple juice
10 ml Lingonberry juice


Make a big batch to share, or just enough for one. All you need to do is multiply up the quantities depending on how many people (or glasses) you want to make. Then heat all the ingredients together in one pan on the cooker. Ladle it generously into glasses or mugs and serve hot.

*What sets apart our Norwegian authentic gløgg is the use of our ‘national’ spirit, aquavit, to spike the base. Gløgg is a delicious way to warm up this winter season and it’s easily adaptable to suit your needs. If you prefer a non-alcoholic version, just swap out the aquavit for juice or cordial. You can add in sugar, if you prefer it slightly sweeter.