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The surrounding waters and mountains at Holmen have provided its inhabitants for generations and we seek to protect and preserve this way of life. Perhaps not in such a frugal existence but certainly in the care we take with the truly exceptional and abundant produce we benefit from.

Cod, halibut and trout, seaweed, mushrooms and wild berries, snow hares, grouse and lamb (to name but a few) mean that this awesome landscape dictates our daily menus. We are fortunate that immediately on exiting the kitchen door we step straight into a wild larder that would set any chef’s mind fizzing with ideas.

Returning home with salty hair or soggy boots at Holmen, the fishing rod or basket are kitchen utensils as equally important as the spoon and pot. While gathering is a daily activity for the kitchen we wholly encourage you to come and pick tender sorrel and chanterelles with us or handover your catch.

Being an island community ruled by weather means that it is not always easy to take delivery from the mainland. This has only made us want to understand the capabilities of the Lofoten produce more and impose less from far away sources.

Tangy local cheeses, herbal teas, delicious goat meat and pork… there are also wonderful vegetables available year round due to our close proximity to the gulf stream. We are building an ever increasing list of local suppliers, wonderful folk who not only grow animals and plants specifically for us but generously share their specific expertise, as is the Norwegian way. Even the dining plates at Holmen Lofoten are custom-made by celebrated local potter Gunvor Anita.

So it only makes sense that the super talented chefs we invite here are those we feel will enthusiastically respond to the natural ingredients, the Lofoten larder around them. So too with drinks we have invited the world’s most acclaimed bartenders to work their magic into cocktails that also celebrate the wilderness outside with sea urchin washed martinis and lingonberry gimlets among the beautiful potions you will no doubt be offered.

An open kitchen is important to us that the chefs can freely chat to you as they work through the day and be very much part of the meals and overall experience.

Val and Ingunn both agree that wonderful things happen when all are seated to eat and drink together, that when food is shared and toasts made the volume rises in happy exuberance and friendship. What could be a greater declaration of love than sharing our food with you all as best we know how.

NOTE: while we run events such as Kitchen On The Edge Of The World, the restaurant is open for bookings in the weeks and months between. Richard Cox formerly head chef of the acclaimed Ethicurian restaurant near Bristol (UK) is our wonderful head chef and gardener.

Restaurant opening hours:
April – October 2020

Spring and autumn:
breakfast 08:00 – 10:00 and dinner 19:00 – 22:00

breakfast 08:00 – 10:00, lunch 11:00 – 14:00 and dinner 19:00 – 22:00