Jemma Lewis

Artist Jemma Lewis offers mesmerising paper marbling workshops. An aqueous surface design which produces patterns similar to smooth marble.

Together with her husband, she runs Jemma Lewis Marbling & Design from their small log cabin studio in Wiltshire. Papers are marbled in the traditional way, as they have been done for hundreds of years, by floating watercolour paints onto a viscous jelly-like surface made up of an Irish seaweed called Carrageenan.

Marbling is an absorbing craft that not only allows the maker to get lost in the process but also produces relatively instant results. The marbled papers can have many uses from being framed, used within bookbinding, as drawer liners or turned into decorative lampshades.

Jemma ships her papers worldwide and has collaborated with many well known brands such as Waitrose and Jo Malone and publishers such as Folio Society.

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