Make your own foraged Black Currant drink with this delicious recipe for a Blackcurrant Leaf syrup.
We are super excited to announce the guest chefs for Kitchen On The Edge next year.
We are looking for talented and enthusiastic people to join our family run hotel and restaurant here on ‘the edge of the world’.
Whether it’s a lofty snowshoe hike with a killer view or a relaxing walk with a fire and coffee you are looking for, we are happy to tailor-make your next arctic adventure to your wishes.
Spain, Japan, UK, Portugal and China.. Next year sees a carousel of incredible talents and different food cultures.
We are proud to be part of and share our story in the Northern Norway issue of Local Folk Magazine.
Ocean fishing, cocktail making, exploring, cooking demos, ceramics and Brat feasting were just some of the things happening..
Valentine is a founding partner in Kitchen On The Edge with owner Ingunn. But how did he end up here in the far north?
Fresh fish, foraged herbs and cosy accommodation are ready and waiting for you to press pause on the chaos of everyday life, relax and reset.
In search of the past, present and future of cod, our friend, journalist and broadcaster Dan Saladino traveled to the Holmen Lofoten isles, to find some answers.
We’re super excited to announce our 2022 guest chefs. All of them are such talents and we can’t wait to share our kitchen with them.
We’re proud to support @ActionAgainstHungeruk at this year’s Fine Wine and Art Dinner auction.