Jimmy Øien

Jimmy is the head chef and co-owner of groundbreaking Restaurant Rest in Oslo.

Rest’s philosophy and way of cooking is a rejection of modern consumerism. In today’s world, food waste raise grave moral and environmental issues. At restaurant Rest, Jimmy and his team turn food waste into a fine dining experience. Their mantra is ‘waste not, want not’. Their ethos is based on using imperfect produce and items which would normally be discarded. Rest was awarded a Green Michelin Star in 2020.

Growing up on a farm in Mo i Rana in Nordland, Jimmy decided at an early age to become a chef. His hard work and passion as a chef put him on the Norwegian team that won Bocuse d ‘Or in 2015. He has since then received several awards, including the Michelin Young Chef, and the Ingrid Espelid Hovig Food Culture award.

We look forward to welcome Jimmy to Kitchen On The Edge in September.

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